Black Friday Marketing Strategy in 2022: Important Trends and Practical Tips

In 2021, Aussies were estimated to have spent $8 billion during the four days over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As impressive as that sounds, we will probably see an even more remarkable result this year. From big multinational brands to small brick-and-mortar stores, almost every business participates in the Black Friday sales frenzy. To stand out from the crowd, your business needs an excellent Black Friday marketing strategy!  

You are on the right track if you already have a killer Black Friday marketing strategy. If not, there is no need to panic. Now is the perfect time to get started. This blog has some Black Friday marketing strategies to help you ace it this year. For instance, social media is an excellent tool for generating interest and anticipation. Email marketing is also a perfect way to build a database for remarketing and sales. But, the sweet spot is the integration of the two. 

In this blog, we will walk you through some major Black Friday trends, the best Black Friday marketing strategies and tips, and Black Friday marketing examples. By the time you finish reading, you will hopefully know how to prepare for your brand’s Black Friday sale. Ensure you get to the end for actionable Black Friday marketing strategies and tips!

Before we do that, let’s cover what the Black Friday sale is all about.

What is the Black Friday sale?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving every year, and this promotion event lasts from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend. Although it is primarily an American shopping holiday, it has spread across the globe and grown increasingly popular in Australia over the years. 

Why is Black Friday important for particular businesses?

Weeks before Black Friday, consumers start receiving promotions from various channels, from friends to social media. They are all in shopping mode when the Black Friday sale is finally on. Many have already made up their mind on what to buy and how to buy it. What they don’t anticipate is that they will spend more than expected. Even those who don’t have anything particular in mind might purchase in passion or buy for future usage. Therefore, businesses should take the Black Friday sale seriously, and you can set your business apart by including preparation in your Black Friday strategy. 

Black Friday Marketing Trends 2022

Black Friday Trend Number 1: Capture social media trends to attract your target audience. 

Video marketing and more functional E-commerce capabilities within social media platforms are the most prominent social media marketing trends in 2022. As Instagram and Facebook lean more heavily toward video content, brands should use this opportunity to reach a bigger audience. For example, if your target demographic is on Instagram, you can potentially create more video content showcasing your products and selling directly on the platform. 

Black Friday Trend number 2: Multichannel marketing and integration

You probably have a database of customers, followers, leads or people who have previously engaged with your brand. If you can run Black Friday marketing campaigns across channels, you are more likely to engage with them. Yet, good marketing doesn’t stop there. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by integrating social media marketing and email marketing. Attention Experts often advises brands to run social media campaigns alongside email marketing to keep expanding their remarketing databases.

Think of it like this. Your email list, social media followers, and people who have engaged with your brand are like separate ponds, but you can have an ocean by merging and expanding them. While everyone is hyper-focused on the four-day sale, you should play the long game by using the hype to grow your email list. When the Black Friday sales end and everyone gathers their spoils, you keep remarketing to those in your databases. 

Black Friday Trend number 3: Black Friday is getting longer.

Black Friday as the one-day event is long gone and is now extended to four days, but many would start a few days earlier to avoid competition. For instance, you can create ‘Early Bird Offers’ that will last only two days before Black Friday or with limited stocks. That is why we advise you to start preparation early. It doesn’t only build your audience’s anticipation for what is coming but also allows you to grab them before they’ve maxed out their credit cards.

Best Black Friday Marketing Strategies & Tips

Frankly, there isn’t a one size fits all  Black Friday marketing strategy. But, we can always learn from the best Black Friday marketing practices and tweak them for better alignment. Below are some Black Friday marketing tips. 

  1. Have a clear strategy and do the preparation. It is best to work out and align the deals, demand and supply, resources required, promotion channels, budget, etc. Once you get it all sorted out, start promoting Black Friday sales to build anticipation at least two weeks ahead. 
  2. Optimise your online shopping experience by creating interactive shoppable content. If you sell jewellery, take a 360-degree rotating video of the piece so shoppers can see it from different angles. Also, make sure you include the video in your Instagram shop. 
  3. Offer bonuses or free giveaways rather than discounts. Consumers are used to Black Friday’s 50% off already. Your brand can potentially stand out if you offer rewards for minimum spending or purchase within a short timeframe, and this will generate more sales without compromising perceived brand value. 
  4. Offer Black Friday VIP deals if they sign up for your email list and then promote it on social media to increase signups. 
  5. Tailor an exceptional deal and message to past customers. New customer acquisition costs five times more than retaining an existing one. Black Friday is the perfect time to reengage if you have a long list of past customers who haven’t made another purchase. 
  6. Upsell and cross-sell by packaging 3-5 products that supplement purchases. If your customer buys a scented candle, you can try offering a ‘Just Arrived’ candle holder and bath salt at a Black Friday special price.  
  7. Use video marketing on multiple social media channels. In general, videos now get more views than images. It is best to generate as many impressions and views as possible while driving traffic and nurturing interest. 

A great example of Black Friday social media and email marketing integration

A good Black Friday marketing strategy should be bigger than Black Friday itself. Brands can generate sales throughout the year if they use the hype to expand their marketing databases.

Apple is a case in point. It asked people to sign up to their email list on social media to be the first to know of their Black Friday sales. Even if your business doesn’t have the same level of popularity as Apple, you can still use paid social media campaigns to funnel engaged audiences into your email databases. These databases will be your valuable remarketing assets in the future. 

Well, so far, we have covered a lot in this blog. If you only have one takeaway, then it is this – When it comes to Black Friday sales, the differentiation is in the preparation and integration.

How Can We Help You?

We know it can be a lot to take in, especially if you are busy and haven’t had time to think about Black Friday. That is OK, and we are here for you to consult and help you ace your Black Friday success this year. 

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