What is brand value in marketing and how you can build it?

In 2021, social media now is a pretty well established marketing channel when it comes to building brand value on social media. Companies who have really established themselves as a brand on social can be found across multiple sectors and industry types.

But what are the basic principles for increasing brand value on social media? We explore further in this article.


Building a story around your brand is fundamental to brand building. Story and brand run parallel and are very much the same in a lot of different contexts. In fact, when it comes to businesses – the story is brand and brand is the story. So being able to tell the brand story is what is going to elevate your brand and its services.  The better you tell your story to better your brand will be valued and perceived.

There are two distinct stories which create brand value on social media:

1. The customer to business journey
2. The business to customer journey

These two stories told over and over again, will help create brand value for a brand.

Let’s look at some examples:

Coca Cola often tells a story through their customer experience, and use slogans to identify the story of the brand. Slogans such as ‘Taste the feeling’ are often interlinked with the overall brand story. In this case, the story of the feeling that the user will experience when tasting Coca Cola.

Apple and the story of Apple’s history, its products and the customer experience are often synonymous with its brand. And as I mentioned earlier, when we mention the brand, we are also talking about the story.

Air BnB is another great example of story and brand value. Air BnB has a great way of communicating the story of the consumer as well as the service provider. It communicates the story of what the user will experience when using Air BnB and it also tells a great story as to what the service provider (usually the person who is letting out the apartments) should expect when it comes to their journey with Air BnB.

Consistency of message and story in brand. 

Understanding not only your story but also telling it consistently is really key to creating a well positioned and valuable brand.

A lot of businesses go wrong in that they want to build brand quickly, so they will tell the story only for a short time, or they have multiple stories they want to tell, so they will often not be consistent enough with the same message over time – but rather tell multiple messages.

Try to keep your brand story consistent and the same over prolonged periods of time. With this, you’ll be creating brand touchpoints and recognition of the brand. If you change your brand story in a short time frame and consistently do this, you will lose the ability to be pushing a similar message to an audience which will create touchpoints and also front of mind marketing.

So when it comes to building brand value on social media, build it with these two points:

– Story Telling
– Consistency of Story

These done well over time, will create your brand voice and story which in turn will heighten your brand value.


How We Can Help You Build Brand Value

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