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The experienced social media paid advertising marketing team at Attention Experts are able to help you set up and manage your paid advertising campaigns across a range of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok.

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Social Media Advertising Agency Sydney

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising or paid social media is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for reaching specific audiences, driving people to your website and boosting conversions.

Paid ads or sponsored ads can be displayed through multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and now TikTok.

Why Choose Our Social Media Advertising Solutions? 

We have a track record of delivering consistent solutions that helps all paid social media marketing campaigns head towards a return on investment trajectory, allowing for the best in optimisation, and helping you make the most of your marketing budget.

Social Media Platforms We Specialise In Paid Ads 

If you are looking to reach new targeted audiences, social media paid advertising campaigns must be included in your strategy.

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What is included in the Social Media Paid Advertising SOLUTION Package?

Package includes, but is not limited to:

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Our Clients

We’re the proud official social media provider for hundreds of businesses around Australia.


What our customers are saying

Jennifer R

I don’t have the time to even think about social media, much less implement it. Those I’ve worked with at Attention Experts have taken the stress out of it. My thanks to Meg, Lauren and the whole team.

Steve M

Attention Experts has been instrumental in me being able to expand by business with a product that is not commonly searched for (which kind of rules out Google). It has been great and helpful being able to successfully market my product and takes a lot of stress out of doing it all myself.

Adrian R

Attention Experts have been a pleasure to deal with. Easy to get in contact with, are happy to have meetings to discuss the direction of our campaigns and always looking at the overall picture to work out where to focus! Thanks a lot guys 🙂

Jill C

Right from the start they have been professional & respectful in their efforts to learn about me AND my business. The staff were excellent at explaining ‘how’ social media works and the goals for each of my campaigns. Their explanations have been really clear and I feel confident that I am in trustworthy, experienced hands. If you ‘re looking for assistance with your social media presence, I would unreservedly recommend this team – they are the real deal!!

Social Media Advertising Success Stories


Improve advertising efficiency and effectiveness

We went from a target of 20 link clicks per day to 80 link clicks per day with a Link Click-Through rate of 5.65%.

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Case study – Blow bar Co.

Improve Social Media Database and Increase Bookings

Ads campaigns generated over 901 booking enquiries in 10 months. 

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Social Media Advertising Strategy and Optimisation

The business achieved a 20% increase in purchase rate from Paid Social Media Ad campaigns.

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Our Social Media Advertising Campaign Process

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I be spending on social media advertising?

The amount to spend on ads depends on the goal and the time of the campaign.

At Attention Experts, we advise an amount that would be most suitable for results on your campaign, generally, the very minimum we would look at is around $450-$600 per month. However, there are campaigns that can go much higher, it all depends on what factors that will produce a return. Sometimes lower ad spend can be less productive for your campaign.

It’s also important to give time for the campaign to grow. Some businesses can take up to 6 to 9 months to see results.

To find out more about our services contact us today.

What Social Media platforms do you work on?

At Attention Experts, we work with any social media platform that is suitable for your business. Although we are not limited to them, we work with all the popular platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube and Pinterest.

With a proven track record, we can help you successfully steer your organic and paid social media advertising campaigns across multiple platforms.

All our packages include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategy and development towards brand value building.
  • Effective plans to increase engagement.
  • Building an increase in sales, enquiries and leads.

Check out our Social Media Marketing Strategy package and our Social Media Paid Advertising SOLUTION package to learn more about what each service includes.

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Social Media Strategy Insights

We’re a performance-focused Australian based social media agency, continue  your journey below with some fresh insights from our blog.

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