Why social media marketing is an asset for your business!

Well, I bet you haven’t thought of social media marketing this way before. I bet you didn’t think that all the content and engagement on your social media pages could actually be worth some $$$ ???!!!!

Does this create a bit of a game-changer for you now regarding your viewpoint on social media? If you were already a fan of social media, does this sweeten it even more?

But how is it worth money, you might ask? Well, let me show you.

With Social Media Marketing, you can make people aware of your brand, products or services without them having even entered your store/office. Then, you can actually collect data that will help you build warm audiences and determine which clients are likely more interested in your brand so that you can drive them to the point of conversion.

How to create monetary value from your business’s social media marketing assets.

Facebook pages, Instagram pages, Linkedin accounts. etc., are all part of the mix of the marketing channel that is social media. This channel allows you to attract people who are interested in your services or products and collect public engagement from those who find your information relevant, valuable or inspirational.

When people like or follow you, you can repeatedly show them more material in the future once you have them subscribed to your social pages. This could be argued to have some value attached to it, as this will likely lead to passive sales for a business.

There is another side of social media that many people don’t know much about. That is database collection. This is what interests me the most about social media.

Databases are by far the most valuable asset of any business. If you have no database (no client lists, no information about your clients, no emails, no enquiries database), unfortunately, you have no value. Companies like Uber & Netflix ran at a loss for years to just collect databases to build overall underlying assets to their business.

With social media – especially Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin – we can build databases through Facebook Pixels; Facebook/Instagram audiences and Linkedin connections. These, if built at mass, will have the ability to be stored and cultivated over time to create a net return from those interacting with the brand.

I recently spent time on the phone with a client of ours who has built over 80,000 people in his backend audience and has recently had an auditing house verify that this database has a monetary value attached to it for the sale of the business. The social databases collected are relevant and targeted.

The data comes from people who have interacted with the brand through social media marketing activities. This now has worth!

On top of this, the overall front of the social media pages creates brand value and brand presence, with a net worth attached.

The great thing about social media marketing is that it is a channel that has an underlying asset built into it.

I have repeatedly seen that when a social media campaign is paused, the campaign still continues to yield sales and inquiries.

When you stop a Google Adwords campaign, that’s it – it stops, there is no reciprocal effect of the campaign. However, we continue to see the platform work with social media, even when the owner is no longer active.

This changes things completely. Now you are not throwing your money down the drain for no result. Instead, you are actually building a business asset through social media marketing – granted, it is done properly in the first place!

How We Can Help You with Your Social Media Marketing

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